Tagmarshal Partners With Club Caddie

Courses and golfers benefit from seamless integration of pace-of-play and data-management tools with comprehensive tee-sheet software

Kennesaw, Ga. (May 30, 2024) – Tagmarshal—the market leader in optimizing on-course operations and pace-of-play management through data-driven software—has partnered with tee-sheet provider Club Caddie, known for innovative tee-sheet solutions.

Working together, Tagmarshal and Club Caddie will focus on daily-fee courses and country clubs, strengthening their mutual commitments to streamlining operations and elevating the golf experience for facilities and players alike. Club Caddie is the latest golf technology management company to partner with Tagmarshal, the acknowledged leader in pace-of-play and on-course operations data technology.

Tagmarshal’s vision is to help course partners unlock the exponential power of their data via integration. Once data is incorporated into Tagmarshal’s ecosystem, operators can unlock insights that will aid better decision-making, including into individual players’ behavior and performance. Leveraging these player-profiling and data-analytic tools, courses can not only personalize the golfer experience, tailor services and marketing efforts, and foster stronger relationships with players, but also optimize their return on investment, as greater control of on-course operations yields rewards in the form of additional green fee revenue.

“We believe what happens on-course is the economic engine of the golf business. Our optimization software gives courses the tools to enhance the quality of the player experience and revenue, with fewer resources. Integrating our data sources with Club Caddie, produces even deeper insights and greater efficiencies, which helps to guide operational decisions and day-to-day management.” said Bodo Sieber, CEO, Tagmarshal.

Club Caddie is a leading cloud-based tee-sheet and online reservation engine on the market, offering tee-time scheduling, inventory management, and member-engagement solutions. Acquired by Jonas Club Management Software in 2020, the organization continues to grow and diversify.

“Our goal has always been to help golf course operators become more efficient and improve their bottom line. By combining Tagmarshal’s advanced pace and flow of play management and data analytics capabilities with our tee-sheet management system, we can offer more value to our clients. This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to enhance the operational efficiency of golf courses, ultimately benefiting both operators and golfers,” said Jason Pearsall, CEO of Club Caddie.

Club Caddie courses will be able to optimize tee-time allocation, track individual golfers’ pace of play in real-time, and streamline staff workflows by accessing the tee sheet from within Tagmarshal’s system, further enhancing productivity. With labor shortages still critical at many courses and player demand remaining consistently high, increasing operational efficiency is key – allowing smaller teams to achieve more, with less.

Course managers who want to benefit from the power of integration with Tagmarshal may schedule a meeting or live demo via email: contact@tagmarshal.com or by visiting www.tagmarshal.com/demo.

For more information about Tagmarshal, access the website at www.tagmarshal.com.

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