Every Day is Earth Day for Mexico’s Premier Hotel Operator

Los Cabos, Mexico (April 13, 2023) – Once a year, Earth Day—April 22 in 2023—aims to consolidate support for environmental protection.

At Pueblo Bonito Resorts, innovative eco-friendly practices that minimize damage to the environment are in effect every day of every year. And it’s been that way since the resorts were founded.

“With every new development we enhanced our commitment to the environment,” says Ernesto Coppel, founder of the Pueblo Bonito family of resorts. “We believe it is critical to nurture the local environment, reinvest in the community and reduce the impact of development.”

The company practices sustainability in many ways, from managing local beaches and rivers to reducing waste, limiting water use, and improving habitats to benefit both wildlife and humans.

Crucial ecological efforts, notably a turtle protection and release program, have been ongoing at Pueblo Bonito Resorts for more than 20 years. From mid-July through mid-December, guests can help release turtle hatchlings from their protected nests into the sea, greatly increasing their chances of survival. Part of the environmental responsibility is to rescue local plants. The hotels have small nurseries where plants are transplanted and reproduced. In Mazatlán, rescued plants are reforested in green areas, and the compost center produces organic fertilizer. In Los Cabos, the botanical garden, Cactimundo, conserves vital cacti of Mexico.

In addition, Pueblo Bonito recently signed agreements with New Fortress Energy for the development of clean energy initiatives. These programs are designed to conserve resources and reduce the carbon footprints of its properties.

The award-winning Quivira Golf Club is surfaced from tee to green in paspalum, a salt-tolerant, disease-resistant grass varietal that uses a fraction of the chemicals and pesticides required by normal grasses. Furthermore, the course is irrigated with recycled water generated by two wastewater treatment plants built and run by the resort; treated water is also used for irrigation throughout the development.

Water is an especially precious resource in Los Cabos, which is situated in a subtropical desert that receives very little rainfall. To ensure that guests have access to water while preserving the municipality’s water supply. The company maintains a complete water circuit—from extraction and potabilization to use, treatment, and reuse. Every day, the desalination plantsconvert seawater into 4.65 million liters of water safe for human consumption.

Among the current and planned eco-friendly initiatives:

  • Bed linens are laundered on alternate days for guests staying multiple nights to minimize detergent and water use;
  • LED-type spotlights are being purchased to reduce energy consumption;
  • Solar lighting will soon be used in select areas;
  • Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos and Rosé, Pueblo Bonito’s two downtown resort hotels front Médano Beach, which has earned a BLUE FLAG, one of the world’s most recognized eco-certifications;
  • Aluminum, cardboard, glass and other reusables are separated from all resort pick-ups;
  • The “Save the Seas—Skip the Straw” campaign has reduced the use of plastics, keeping this hazardous product out of ocean and off beaches.

In Los Cabos, as part of the resorts’ recycling program, the nearby San Miguel Blown Glass Factory collects empty bottles from the hotels, up to two tons each month. The glass is cleaned, melted, and transformed into colorful hearts that have become iconic symbols of love and friendship in Los Cabos and throughout Mexico. The resort buys back the creations both for display and to sell in its gift shops.  

Pueblo Bonito Vantage San Miguel de Allende, a luxury property opening this November, relocated 260 individual plants during construction, including Mesquite trees, huizache desert plants, garambullo cacti, nopales, and agaves. Even a beehive was given a new home as part of this major effort to preserve vegetation and reintegrate into the project.

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