Streamsong Resort Chooses Tagmarshal As On-Course Optimization Partner

Latest technology will track every group on three top-rated courses, managing pace of play and creating other efficiencies

Kennesaw, Ga. (April 2, 2024) – Streamsong Golf Resort—the exceptional golf resort with three top-100 courses in central Florida—has chosen to use the latest software from Tagmarshal to optimize its on-course operations. The innovative technology will be fully operational this Spring.

Streamsong is owned and managed by KemperSports, which has already implemented Tagmarshal at other leading resorts it manages, including Bandon Dunes and Sand Valley. Like those properties, the Streamsong courses range over large, open tracts of land filled with sand dunes, dramatic contours, and vast expanses that can make it hard to track and service hundreds of golfers every day.

“It’s our goal to create the best playing experience possible for our guests,” said Kevin Kennedy, General Manager at Streamsong Golf Resort, “and through our research with other Tagmarshal customers we felt that the software gave us the best perspective on pace to enhance that experience on the golf courses at Streamsong.”

Streamsong will get full, real-time line-of-sight and analytics from Tagmarshal’s proprietary system, which tracks everything that moves on its courses from golfers in carts and caddies to maintenance crews, drink carts, and other staff. The Live Map feature allocates a color to each group of players, with different colors used to indicate whether they are on pace or not, and if their pace is negatively affecting other groups.

With this data, Streamsong will be able to proactively manage pace of play, identifying potential problems before they become intractable and effectively dealing with out-of-position groups in a non-confrontational manner with supporting data.

“Pace of play has been one of the main detractors in the golf industry for years,” explained Miles Blundell, the resort’s Director of Golf. “At a bucket-list destination like Streamsong we want to be on the cutting edge of helping solve challenges like this one for our guests. Tagmarshal’s software will give us the opportunity to drill down on the pace of play data in real time that we’ve not had previously to ensure the guest experience at our three Top 100 courses exceeds guest expectations.”

Tagmarshal’s intuitive and highly customizable new system powered by AI and machine learning—which was introduced at the 2024 PGA Show—also will give Streamsong other ways to optimize its on-course operations. These include automating many aspects of pace and flow of play management, increasing operational efficiency and resource allocation, and unlocking the opportunity to generate additional revenue by adopting advanced strategies such as tee sheet optimization. 

Tagmarshal partners with more than 35 of the Top 100 golf courses in the U.S., including many private, resort, and daily-fee facilities, as well as hundreds of other courses of all types and in all price ranges around the world.

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