Stewart Golf Releases 2023 R1-S Push Golf Trolley

Gloucester, U.K. (Feb. 21, 2023) – Stewart Golf has unveiled the 2023 edition of the R1-S Push, with upgrades offering improved durability and performance, as well a new color option—Midnight Grey.

The R Series has been part of the Stewart line since the company’s launch in 2014, when it became the only push trolley to be built in Great Britain. The clean lines of the R1-S Push are the result of housing the folding mechanism within the frame itself, a feature which is unique due to the patented rack and pinion design. The hidden mechanism links all three wheels to the main upright, providing smooth, consistent, and quick folding.

The latest version features a self-adjusting silicone bag cradle that allows any size golf bag to be carried, from small Sunday bags to full-size tour bags.

The R1-S Push features three quick release wheels, anti-rotation silicon bungees, umbrella holder, golf ball holder, magnetic ball marker, drink holder, umbrella storage loops, parking brake, scorecard holder (inside and outside), pencil holder, as well as internal storage and four accessory points for other optional items.

CEO Mark Stewart said, “This latest evolution further establishes the R Series as a leader in push trolley design. Based on customer feedback, the addition of the self-adjusting cradle guarantees that literally any kind of golf bag fits comfortably, while the new color options mean there is an R1-S Push for every golfer.”

The new Midnight Grey frame color will sell alongside the existing options of Pearl White and Anodic Black. When partnered with the red, blue, green, black, or white wheels, there are 15 potential color combinations.

This model has previously received editor’s choice accolades in the United Kingdom from Golf Monthly and Today’s Golfer Magazines.

Golf Monthly wrote, “This is the best-looking push trolley on the market, and is packed with useful features,” while Today’s Golfer said, “It’s beautifully engineered with a really slick folding mechanism and everything about it shouts quality.”

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