Stewart Golf Offers Special Pricing For “Black Friday” Week

World’s Best Electric Golf Caddies At Least 20% Off All Online Purchases

Gloucester, U.K. (Nov. 7, 2022) – Black Friday has wheels. Stewart Golf—the British-based manufacturer of the world’s best electric caddies—is giving a 20% discount, and sometimes more, on any online order placed between during the week of Black Friday, from Monday, November 21 to Monday, November 28.

They’re calling it “The Glitch,” letting the Stewart Golf website(

take control, potentially giving buyers even greater savings—if they’re lucky.

“Stewart Golf’s electric caddies are very much like Bentleys,” said Today’s Golfer. “They’re made in Britain with high-quality materials, you don’t see them at every turn and new models only come to market after years of hard work and innovation. And that’s exactly the case with the Q Follow.”

Stewart Golf’s Q Follow, a market leader in electric golf caddies, comes loaded with an impressive array of features: 

  • The Q Follow features Stewart Golf’s industry-leading Follow technology – truly the best way to play golf. This electric caddie also features full Remote-control functionality, with a Remote distance of up to 55 yards.
  • When folded it measures just 23.6 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches, making it the most compact follow caddie available—small enough to fit in the trunk of a Porsche and weighing only 31 pounds.
  • The all-new SmartPower battery is available in 18-hole and 36-hole models and has enough juice to conquer even the hilliest courses.
  • An automatically retracting stabilizer wheel keeps the Q Follow safe and steady over all terrains.
  • Q Follow electric caddies start at $2,699 and also come in Remote models (non-follow) from $2,199.

The Stewart Golf X10, also comes in Follow or Remote. Using 7th Generation Follow Technology, the X10 stays in control with a remote-control range up to 55 yards. Battery options include 18- or 36-hole options. Prices for the X10 start at $1,999.

Stewart’s top-of-the-line pushcart, the R Series, is also included in the online promotion, and is priced at $299.

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