Hunter PR—(noun). Specialists in public relations and special events in travel, golf, spa and other leisure markets. Dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who are expert in creating and implementing results-driven PR strategies and fun, exciting events. Masters of strong and effective client relationships.

 See also… Individual attentiveness of small firm combined with advanced resources and connections of large agency… Access to top-level media on national, regional and local levels… Award winning… Resource for all forms of media… Good gals…and guys!

At HPR we feel very lucky because we really like our clients. We like them as customers, we like them as businesspeople, and we like them as human beings. That might not sound all the important, but it is. How else could we work the long hours we do—talking and listening, working on strategic plans, writing releases, telling the stories—if we didn’t have something more than just a working relationship?

Which means clients don’t simply hire us; we take them in, embrace them, and are proud of what they do.

As you look at our list of clients, rest assured that they are all good companies doing good things and employing good people. People we are thrilled to be associated with.