Hydronic Heating System by SubAir Installation Underway at New England Revolution Training Center

Graniteville, SC (September 22, 2021) — Installation of a Hydronic Heating System by SubAir System is underway on the First Team practice field of the New England Revolution soccer team.

The latest in-field heating technology includes a 9-million BTU glycol-based heating system custom designed by SubAir.  More than 31 miles of three-quarter-inch tubing snakes beneath the playing surface, providing unrivaled temperature management.  The ability to heat and cool from underneath the field’s surface allows the Revolution to train outdoors year-round.

In-ground sensors relay real time turf temperatures to SubAir’s patented TurfWatch™ Controls Technology to interpret and activate equipment. 

Turf superintendent Ryan Bjorn can view all temperatures and equipment operations remotely, see historical data, and adjust equipment operations as necessary.

“With the TurfWatch technology, I am able to monitor real-time field conditions 24/7,” Bjorn said.  “And we can respond as needed to designated turf requirements.” 

The $35-million training complex spans 68 acres in the wetlands behind Gillette Stadium.  There are three natural grass training fields, including two newly constructed fields abutting the facility designed solely for First Team use and just steps away from the locker room.  A third field, originally opened in August 2017, is now dedicated to the Revolution Academy.

The field subsurface tubing network infrastructure was completed during the 2019 field construction, explained Trey Crabill, Vice President of SubAir Sport.  Installation of Hydronics‘ heat unit and controls was initially suspended during health and safety precautions associated with COVID 19.

SubAir has developed the most technologically advanced heating system in the industry. By the use of our patented Turf Watch Technology in conjunction with our wireless in-ground sensors, SubAir’s Hydronic Heating System automatically adjusts to maximize field performance as well as ensure ideal growing conditions are maintained annually for the Revolution’s organization.

Final installation of the hydronics equipment is anticipated by December 2021.

This is not the first collaboration between SubAir and The Kraft Group, which also owns the New England Patriots.  A SubAir Sport forced heat system is underneath the Patriots’ practice field.

Other sports fields that have Hydronics by SubAir installations include Columbus Crew Lower.com Stadium and the OhioHealth Performance Center Training Field, both with the SubAir Sport and Hydronics systems.

For additional information on SubAir Systems, access the web site at www.subairsystems.com.

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