Honesty?  Yes!

As mental well-being takes center stage in the public arena, we found Kevin Donnellon’s recent blog on honesty to be thought provoking, with some unexpected benefits. Kevin, a Chicago-based Marketing Coach & Consultant, agreed to let us share his viewpoints on the HUNTER blog.  Let us know what if you agree with Kevin or if you have additional thoughts? 

While it can be hard to decipher what’s true or false today, honesty is still one of the most important individual and organizational values.

When you are honest, you can expect these benefits:

  1. You’ll be known as a real person. When you’re not pretending, you can work more comfortably and productively. When you’re genuine, you attract more people. You engender trust, meaning and affinity for you and your endeavors. 
  2. Your conscience will breathe easier. Honesty emboldens your conscience. When you are honest, your conscience is on guard to protect and advance your principles. Your conscience can be the guiding light for honesty. It is fueled by the truth.
  3. You create the cornerstone for integrity. Honesty is about showing integrity. When you’re truthful, you’re making integrity the cornerstone for creating friendships, strengthening relationships, and building business partnerships.
  4. You will expand your possibilities. An honest person is typically more energized and fulfilled. Your work will expand because it aligns with your passion. You will easily spot others who are honest. You will connect with your mutual work styles and passion. You might even attract the fence sitters. Possibilities will expand.
  5. You will show proof of your character. Honesty shows so much about your morals and character. Even with the simplest acts of honesty, folks will be awed with your intentions.
  6. Your life will ease up. When you choose truth over dishonesty, you release stress in your body. You will boost your energy and enthusiasm. You will be empowered to be a healthier you.
  7. Your perspective becomes more powerful. People will be drawn to you because they can trust that you will be direct with your perspective, counsel and advice.
  8. You create trust and reliability. You will gain a lot of trust and reliability with followers in and outside your organization. By being upfront with people, you also will gain credibility and respect.
  9. You show authenticity and vulnerability. To your colleagues and friends, you will be the one and only you. You can easily demonstrate vulnerability and authenticity.

Pretty simple, right?  Let’s start realizing these benefits.  What benefits do you see from honesty?