Go Bananas

Supporting one of my favorite local causes – Pockets Full of Sunshine, an organization that creates vocational and social opportunities for special needs adults in the greater Hilton Head Island community—is guaranteed to include a fun activity, a creative gift, or, in this case, an evening filled with bananas.

As part of this year’s activities, I purchased two tickets to see the Savannah Bananas later in July. The Bananas are a minor-league baseball team in the Coastal Plain League, which consists of 16 teams throughout North and South Carolina. Comprised of the top college players from around the country, the Bananas sell out every home game. Not necessarily because they play great ball, but to be entertained.

Among the “performers” are a first base coach who break dances, a senior women’s dance team (called the Savannah Nanas, of course), male cheerleaders with dad-bods, a pep band, and, I’m told, bizarre between-inning promotions.

For $36, I got two tickets, and a lot of banana love, as shown in this confirmation note:

Dear Karen,

Congrats, you just made the best decision of your day! As soon as your order came in, “Hey Baby” began blaring throughout the office and all of the Bananas personnel immediately assembled to the front to do the famous Hey Baby dance.

People were pied, champagne was popped, and an incredible toast was given in your honor.

From there, everyone put on their costume of choice and another dance party ensued throughout the office.

We spent the rest of the day throwing bananas in people’s pants and celebrating our newest Bananas fan, you.

Think we are joking?  Watch Your Celebration Video Here.

Welcome to the Bananas Family!

Wow! As a fan of customer service, I’m impressed. As a fan of fun, I can’t wait.