Two female led companies spearhead a new welcoming approach to women’s golf

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 30, 2021) Glove It—known for its creative collections of quality leather golf gloves and golf accessories—has signed on as an international sponsor of Women’s Golf Day will be creating an exclusive WGD-designed collection.

“Adding Glove It to our growing list of sponsors is very exciting for the Women’s Golf Day movement,” said Elisa Gaudet, founder of Women’s Golf Day. “As we gear up for June 7, 2022—our seventh Women’s Golf Day—we’re thrilled that we can co-create designs and Glove It products with WGD women around the world in mind.”

Glove It founder Karen Gleason took her idea from a girls’ golf outing to create the company, which produces golf accessories that are both functional and fashionable. Collections include quality leather golf gloves, visors, club covers, shoe bags, golf bags, towels, tote bags, sport totes, tennis backpacks, and tennis totes in a variety of bold patterns and colors. Glove It products are carried by top golf courses, country clubs, and golf specialty stores nationwide, with international distribution in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia.

Women’s Golf Day is a one-day sporting and community-celebration event that unites women across the globe through golf while transcending race, gender, religion, language, geography, or economic status.

“With more women and girls looking for places to play golf there has never been a better time for a venue to host a Women’s Golf Day event,” Gaudet added, noting that the National Golf Foundation reported the number of female adult and junior golfers in the U.S. grew by 450,000 in 2020. “Many women simply don’t know how to get started or where to play. These events encourage women to participate no matter what their level, even if they never touched a golf club before, and connect them to courses and the community of women who already play.

“It’s important for women to find a location, golf course, retail location like PGA TOUR Superstore, or TopGolf, where they know they will be welcome. If they enjoy themselves, they are likely to continue to learn and play,” continued Gaudet.

Starting in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii, this 24-hour celebration is held annually on the first Tuesday of June. Participants are encouraged to wear red and white, and share photos and posts, connecting with one another through the power of social media.

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