Taking care of the planet has been the goal since Day One

Los Cabos, Mexico (April 5, 2022) – Earth Day is April 22 this year, but in many ways every day is Earth Day at Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts.

From the beginning, Ernesto Coppel, founder of the Pueblo Bonito family of resorts, embraced environmental responsibility long before it became popular. 

“When we started to develop in Los Cabos (in the late 1980s), with every new development we enhanced our commitment to the environment,” Coppel explained. “For example, we have our own water treatment plant at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. We also have our own power plants at the resorts. Back in 1997, when power and water were impacted by storms, Sunset Beach resort provided the city of Cabo San Lucas with these precious resources.

“Sustainability is a core value at Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos,” Coppel stated. “We believe it is critical to nurture the local environment, reinvest in the community, and reduce the impact of development.”

The hospitality company participates in beach and river clean-ups in coordination with the Los Cabos Hotel Association and other companies to reduce waste, improve habitats, and prevent harm to wildlife and humans. Similarly, Pueblo Bonito Resorts’ “Save the Seas—Skip the Straw” campaign helps reduce plastic pollution in oceans and on beaches.

Crucial ecological efforts, notably a turtle protection and release program, have been a mainstay for Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos for more than 20 years. From mid-July through mid-December, guests and residents can engage in active conservation by releasing turtle hatchlings from their protected nests.

Guests and residents can assist conservation team members as they carry the hatchlings of four endangered sea turtle species (Loggerhead, Black, Leatherback, and Olive Ridley) to the ocean. Because the hatchlings are easy prey for natural predators, these gentle reptiles need all the help they can get to reach maturity and increase their numbers.

Pueblo Bonito also recently signed agreements with New Fortress Energy for the development of clean energy initiatives, which help conserve resources and reduce the carbon footprints of its properties.

The resort’s Quivira Golf Club is surfaced from tee to green in paspalum, a salt-tolerant, disease-resistant grass varietal that uses a fraction of the chemicals and pesticides required by normal grasses. Furthermore, the entire course is irrigated with recycled water, a big consideration in the Baja desert where potable water is precious.  

Recycling efforts? Pueblo Bonito Resorts has raised them to a fine art. Resort guests drain and recycle bottles by the ton. Israel Battista, a third-generation artisan who runs the nearby San Miguel Blown Glass Factory, collects up to two tons of empties from the resorts each month . Each bottle is cleaned, crushed, and melted   to be shaped into the fish, vases, and hearts that have become iconic symbols in Los Cabos and throughout Mexico.

In a perfect circle of sustainability, Pueblo Bonito buys back the art pieces to display around its hotels and communities and sell in the resorts’ gift shops. This unique recycling initiative sends a special message to travelers who prize sustainability efforts and want local communities to benefit from their visits.

For additional information on Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts access the web site at https://www.pueblobonito.com/resorts/pacifica.

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