AHEAD’s Men’s 2021 Apparel Collections: Perfect Blend of Fun, Functionality

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (Jan. 6, 2021) — In the throes of winter AHEAD is already looking forward to warmer days and popular American summer traditions including backyard barbecues, relaxed days on the course, and patriotism—all reflected in the Summer/Fall 2021 collections. 

AHEAD’s two new men’s collections, to be unveiled at the virtual 2021 PGA Merchandise Show late this month, promise broad appeal and a spark of brightness.

For the first time, AHEAD is building a men’s collection around light orange, a color dubbed orangesicle. Teamed with true navy and khaki, customers will have several attractive, coordinating options among polo shirts, quarter-zip pullovers, windshirts and full-zip jackets, as well as khaki shorts. Highlights include the Concealer polo, featuring navy with a tonal camouflage print, and the Emperor, a novelty polo that taps into the continuing trend of mini prints. 

Chuck Lord, AHEAD’s Chief Creative Officer, says the debut of orangesicle is timed with a khaki resurgence. He noted the array of polos and second-layer styles are perfectly tailored with khaki bottoms. “Khaki had always been a mainstay but for the past decade it had been replaced by white, black and gray. However, the fashion pendulum is shifting again and khaki is making a comeback.”

The second collection seizes on the continuing popularity of patriotic colors. The red, true navy and white pairing is accented with carbon (gray) to provide several polo options, plus two novelty-themed shirts. The Griller polo is an ode to the backyard barbecue featuring a subtle microprint of with barbeque grills and utensils.  Anchored with essentials the collection is perfect for a mid-summer drop.

“Recent sales tell us the microprint shirts remain extremely popular,” Lord said. “Not only do they capture fun summer experiences but the patterns are almost indistinguishable until you get a closer look. Only then are you hit with the details, colors and irreverence.”

Among the new AHEAD Essentials’ outerwear options for Summer/Fall 2021, Lord said the Penrose heather fleece quarter-zip pullover promises to be particularly popular. Debuting in oatmeal, charcoal, and carbon this is a perfect layering piece for chilly mornings and is also a great way for clubs and resorts to promote their brand with a staple item.”

The Atwood heather quilted full-zip jacket featuring horizontal detailing is another key piece in the fall line. This second-layer option, with a puffer-jacket look, can be comfortably worn on the course as well and is available in true navy/light true navy heather/orangesicle and black/mid-black heather/lime.

The new 2021 AHEAD men’s collection will be available for viewing at the 68th edition of the PGA Merchandise Show, scheduled for Jan. 26-29, 2021 in all-virtual format.

For more information about AHEAD, visit aheadweb.com. To access the company’s online shop page, visit aheadusashop.com.

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