Any PR firm can type up a few words or run a press trip. At HPR, we go further, helping inspire our clients to elevate their brand, their image, their mission. We like to step outside the comfort zone and ask the tough questions, challenge the status quo, look beyond the obvious. We’ve even come up with a term for our role: THINKprovoking.  

We do all those tasks that public-relations/event-planning agencies are supposed to do. We write releases, interact with the media, tell our clients’ stories, develop contacts, offer advice, lend an ear, devise strategies, act as gatekeeper, perform analyses and make introductions, as well as pitch, post and perform. We manage the ever-changing world of journalism, from print and broadcast to Internet and social media, crafting captivating stories and forging genuine relationships for maximum impact in each category.

But what sets us apart isn’t what we do, it’s how we do it.

  • We give our clients personal treatment and the attention they’ve come to expect from our dedicated, dependable staff of professionals. Despite our growth over the last three decades, our commitment to the client has never wavered.
  • We sweat the details, so the client doesn’t have to.
  • We spend the client’s money like it’s our own. That means creating realistic budgets and managing them as the project unfolds, whether it’s a long-term media relations plan or a one-time special event.
  • We are proactive as well as reactive, responding immediately to questions, comments and requests from clients and members of the media.
  • We specialize, focusing on specific niches—golf, spa/wellness, resort and travel. But we also love to take on new challenges, pushing ourselves into different areas and bringing proven strategies and methods to broadened horizons.
  •  We hate complacency, whether it’s in our offices or among our clients and our consumers (the media and the public). In this fast-paced, high-tech, ever-changing world, we refuse to settle—or settle down.
  • We believe in transparency: The best surprise is no surprise.